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Gaming With HughesNet Gen5

When you first think of satellite Internet service, you may not believe that gaming or streaming is possible. Now, with HughesNet® Gen5 Internet, you can easily handle all aspects of gaming including downloading games, updates, streaming video, and much more! This includes popular streaming services!

You can even play many online video games, although there are some occasional limitations! Below is an in-depth look at exactly what games you can easily play on HughesNet, and which are not recommended to use with HughesNet Satellite Internet.


What Multiplayer Games Can I Play Online?

With HughesNet® Gen 5 Internet, you can easily play many online video games such as turn-based strategy games, Facebook games, MMO’s, strategy games, online board games, and more! Most of these games aren’t heavily affected by Internet latency, so HughesNet® works perfectly and keeps you connected!

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What Online Games Are Not Recommended With HughesNet And Why?

While HughesNet can handle many different types of online gaming, “real-time” online games are not recommended. These are games that are played against other players at an incredibly fast pace and require a fast Internet connection to play. Many real-time online games are first-person shooters, sports games, fighting games, among others.

HughesNet is able to offer Internet coverage to such a huge area thanks to their satellites 45,000 miles above the Earth. This means it can take somewhere around ½ a second to transmit data, which might sound very quick, but isn’t always fast enough for very competitive fast-paced online games. While HughesNet® is perfect for downloading content, streaming video, and light online gaming, it is not well-suited for these data-intensive online games. While these games are not recommended to play online with HughesNet® Internet, you can still download updates and play them in single-player modes!

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Other HughesNet Gaming Options?

HughesNet® satellite Internet is designed perfectly to surf the web, download content, update games, and stream video and music. You can easily connect your favorite devices such as Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Nintentdo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC’s, Mac’s, and tons of mobile devices and tablets!

You can easily download full games through HughesNet®, and play its online mode if it is a less Internet-intensive game. If it’s is a “real-time” online game, you can still download it and opt to play the single-player modes. You can also play multiplayer games easily using a LAN (Local Area Network) in your own home or apartment! Just refer to each game’s instruction manual to see if it supports LAN multiplayer!

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Reduce Latency on HughesNet® Satellite Internet

There are a few tips and tricks on how to reduce latency while using HughesNet®  satellite Internet, and make online gaming smoother!

#1- Plug your computer or game console directly into your router’s ethernet port. An ethernet connection is much faster than Wi-Fi, so it will dramatically cut down latency for online gaming or video streaming. 
#2- If you have to use a Wi-Fi connection, make sure your computer or gaming console is as close to your router as possible. The further away your device gets from the router, the slower the connection will get, especially if it has to travel through multiple walls or floors. 
#3- Don’t run multiple online programs at once. If you’re streaming TV or an Internet browser open in the background, it will slow down your online gaming connection significantly. 
#4 – Reset and update your router regularly. Often, the longer your router sits running, the slower the connection will become. Make sure you reset your router and check for any firmware updates to keep it at top speeds.
#5- Connect to the closest game servers available to you. In many games you will get a choice of servers to connect to, so be sure to select the server that is geographically closest to your location for the fastest connection.

Digital DivideFrequently Asked Questions

How Fast Is HughesNet Satellite Internet?
HughesNet provides speeds up to 25 Mbps1 to customers across the United States. Thanks to their satellite technology, they have coverage in even the most rural areas!

Does HughesNet Have A Data Cap?
No. HughesNet has no hard data limits on any of their satellite Internet customers, so you never have to worry about going over a data cap or getting hit with extra charges.

Does HughesNet Offer Wi-Fi?
Yes! HughesNet can cover your entire house with a strong Wi-Fi signal to keep all your devices connected at all times! 

Can I Play Online Games On HughesNet?
Yes! You can play many videogames online through HughesNet including some favorites such as games where you take turns like casino, lifestyle and strategy games. However, HughesNet is not recommended for “real-time” online games that require a rapid response, such as first-person shooter or combat games, do not work well over any satellite Internet service.

Can I Stream On HughesNet Internet?
HughesNet can easily stream or download hours of content! They even include a video data saver that automatically adjusts data rates for streaming video to deliver the best picture quality without using a ton of data!

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High-speed Internet

Get fast satellite Internet service—25 Mbps1—available to anyone, anywhere. Give us a call to speak with one of our Internet specialists today!

Get More Data

Videos, music, pictures—with HughesNet Gen5 you get a huge amount of data, so you’re free to explore more of what the Internet has to offer. Plus, there are no hard data limits!

Affordable Plans

HughesNet offers a variety of affordable Internet plans that are built to suit any budget, and are available where you live today, even in areas with slow or no high-speed options!

No Phone Line Required

HughesNet uses satellite technology, freeing up the phone line for more important things, like making phone calls! Plus there’s no need to dial in – HughesNets always on.

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